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Cyber crimes can lead to financial losses and have devastating ripple effects across enterprise businesses. Criminal attacks come in many shapes and forms, and while educating employees is a basic measure that businesses can take to prevent human error, only a specialized IT security service provider can offer the essential services that organizations need to protect their data and the future of their companies. Read on to learn about the four most common cyber attacks that threaten businesses, and contact viLogic for all the IT security solutions you need.


Phishing attacks can take many forms, the most common of which is the practice of sending emails pretending to be someone else to try to gain access to valuable personal or business information. Businesses today are under increasing amounts of phishing attacks as hackers try new and creative ways to prompt employees to divulge sensitive business information like logins, passwords, and proprietary data.

Extortion and Ransomware Attacks

It’s the era of digital blackmailers, and ransomware attacks are on the rise. Ransomware attacks occur when hackers encrypt a businesses files, which denies them access to valuable data and information they need to operate. Then, as the name suggests, the business must pay a ransom to regain access to their stolen data. As a part of our DRaaS services, viLogic provides ransomware protection that arms your business with storage redundancy options and other security measures. 

Crimes from Weak Network Perimeter and Endpoint Security

As more and more professionals continue to transition to working remotely, inadequate network perimeter and endpoint security measures are making businesses more vulnerable to cyber crimes like phishing and malware attacks, and more. With the Hardened Endpoint services from viLogic, businesses get continuous data protection that can make these threats a thing of the past. Our team can provide you with endpoint security that shields all the vulnerable points in your network that hackers love to exploit. 

Cloud Jacking

As more businesses move to the cloud, they need to stay vigilant about the threat of cloud jacking. W,ness once they take control of your cloud are frightening, from eavesdropping on employees and confidential company directives, to launching dangerous phishing schemes using official company communication channels, cloud jacking can devastate your business.

viLogic is standing by to help protect your business from all of the major cyber crimes that hackers can employ in 2021. Our suite of specialized IT security solutions can provide your organization with the comprehensive protection it needs. Visit our website to learn more about our services, and contact us today to speak with an expert.  

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