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Total Secure Office — TSO2 — from viLogic brings all of our premium IT services together in one comprehensive package to support your business. Between viLogic software and our fortress agents (IT support), your IT infrastructure is taken to the next level. Prevent and defend cyber threats with innovative and robust solutions from Total Secure Office by viLogic.

What is Total Secure Office? TSO2 provides seven layers of iron-clad security to your IT network including:

  • DRaas – Have you encountered disappearing data? DRaas is the perfect solution! Ensure all your data is preserved with our full-mirrored and multi-site protection. Peace of mind comes only from viLogic!
  • BaaS – With a scalable safety and security model starting at $0.05 a gig, Baas armors you with high-speed and reliable backup solutions for virtual, physical, and cloud=based workloads.
  • End-User Security Training – Defend against the best hackers with end-user cybersecurity training for your entire team. Cybersecurity isn’t just for the IT department — involve all of your employees in the battle against cyber threats, and save your company in revenue lost from data breaches, and more.
  • Hardened Endpoints – Fortify end-user machines and keep hackers out of root access with hardened endpoints. This layer of protection in TSO2 protects and wards off brute force cyber attacks.
  • Managed Cloud Services – Do you have multi-cloud services that are already a headache to manage? viLogic has the best-managed cloud services that take the hassle out of multiple cloud services, and condense them into one operational management portal.
  • SOC – viLogic fortress agents provide your business with expert cybersecurity support 24/7. Gain peace of mind knowing that you’re always protected with our helpdesk experts.
  • FWaaS – Firewall as a service monitors and protects all inbound and outbound data, 24/7/365 from all cyber threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities.

With new cyber threats evolving by the minute, it’s vital to invest in an IT infrastructure that can identify your industry’s vulnerabilities, while leveling up the protection of your network.



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Comprehensive Protection

When it comes to protecting your IT network, there is nothing quite like Total Secure Office from viLogic. We leverage all the major components of cybersecurity that you would find in various companies separately and put them all together in one comprehensive plan, tailored to your specific requirements.

Nowhere else do you have helpdesk access from highly trained fortress agents, continual monitoring of cyber threats, training for your team, and many other services and software that keeps you on top of your IT infrastructure.

Get the best in cybersecurity protection when you implement TSO2 from viLogic today!

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Improved ROI

When a data breach occurs or your IT network is hacked, lost revenue becomes a real issue. Cyber hacks cost companies tens of thousands of dollars — if not more — through monetary losses, time, reputation damages, disrupted production, data loss, equipment damage, and more. It is truly a downward cycle that can be extremely difficult to recover from.

When you have the right people and software in place, although it may be more of an upfront cost, the security and protection of TSO2 goes unmatched — not only will you evade the vicious loss of revenue cycle from an attack, but in preventing them, your ROI may even improve!

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Customized Cybersecurity

viLogic serves a wide variety of industries including healthcare, government, higher education, manufacturing, and so many more, and we understand that each sector has its own unique set of cyber threats to contend with, which is why we make a custom TSO2 plan for all of our clients.

Cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all approach, neither is network security. We work with your business to identify vulnerabilities and get to work developing the best IT infrastructure for you.

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Tailored Support

Whether you are supplementing your IT department with TSO2 or completely leaving your IT network up to us, viLogic is happy to offer as much IT support as your business needs — we can be completely outsourced, or leverage the IT people you already have. In either situation, know that your IT infrastructure will only level up with TSO2. viLogics offers a 24/7/365 days a year Enterprise Reinforcement Helpdesk. Our IT Helpdesk offers you support and answers when you need them most.

As cyber threats become more advanced, now is the time to become proactive in your IT security. Take your IT infrastructure to the next level with TSO2 from viLogic today! Get in touch now.

The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

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