Below are the data center’s colocation service highlights to give you more information about managed IT services.

Colocation Services Highlights:

  • Racks and cabinets are move-in-ready allowing your hardware to be installed quickly
  • Fully redundant power and cooling to prevent concern about your servers being affected by a disaster or outage
  • High internet bandwidth availability at a low cost
  • Cages are available to allow for ideal deployment configuration and security
  • Affordable and customizable to fit the needs of any type of business
  • Hyper-scalable facility designed to accommodate your future growth
  • On-site 24/7/365 assistance available for your equipment
  • Cloud and managed IT services available

viLogics brings new energy and commitment to the colocation model. Colocation enables your business to lease or license a dedicated and secure area for your server or servers in our data center. These options are customizable and allow you to create a space such as the virtual private cloud, where you can manage your equipment to meet the needs of your business now and in the future. Our solutions can be seamlessly adjusted as the data and information needs of your business change. Customers across all industries can count on us for affordable, disaster safe, robust, and scalable data center colocation. Take the time to learn more about our colocation services by contacting us.