What exactly is the viLogics Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC)?

viLogics EPC offers the companies looking to start migrating to a cloud strategy without the risk of entering a full public cloud offering. The EPC service line offers you and your business the next generation private hosted cloud all without the risk and management requirements of normal public cloud services. This turnkey managed private cloud will increase your flexibility, lower your capital operating costs, and improve the services you provide to your customers.

Don’t believe that this simple switch to how you store and access your data can bring significant change to your organization? As an Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) Customer, you will have access to a fully managed private cloud infrastructure solution that offers security and trust. With a cloud solution, your business can operate smoothly and the burden on your existing IT resources will be eased.

Unlike many other platforms, the Enterprise Private Cloud allows you to have the operational access that you desire, whenever you need it. Our Enterprise Private Cloud solutions are customizable to fit your specific business needs and are fully managed up to the application layer, all while giving you the control that you desire and expect. viLogics delivers its Enterprise Private Cloud service based on ease of access and protection of your mission-critical data. No matter the size of your business, viLogics can keep your information available and secure at all times.