Data Management Services

It’s Time to Prioritize Data Security Management

While many cloud-based applications and platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 have expertly answered the demand for accessibility, collaboration and productivity, there is a common misconception about cloud security and who’s responsible for data backup and recovery when disaster strikes.

Though cloud-based applications often provide standard security precautions for site or hardware failure, their job is to focus on infrastructure and uptime. Your business is ultimately responsible for managing your data security. The more you under-prioritize or overlook data security management strategies, the more vulnerable you are to:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Data retention policy gaps
  • Internal data security threats
  • External data security threats

The truth is, vulnerabilities come up on every network daily. An antiquated or absent backup and disaster recovery plan can lead to hours or days of downtime, compromised security, and astronomical operational and legal costs. Today, an effective data management and security strategy incorporates bi-annual infrastructure audits, continuous planning, oversight and optimization, as well as professional data loss prevention and data backup and recovery services. viLogics offers multiple data security management services to give you the professional guidance and support you need to keep your data safe and your business running smoothly.

viLogics Data Archival Service (DAS) is a fundamental data archival backup solution designed to free up primary storage and backup space, protect older data, and support PCI DSS and HIPAA data compliance standards. By moving data not needed for everyday operations to a secure online backup or cloud backup location (icevault), DAS takes the pressure off of your team to maintain cold storage.

Data Archival Service

viLogics Data Replication Service@2x

viLogics Data Replication Service (DRS) puts the 3-2-1 backup rule into action by managing at least three (3) copies of your data backup on two (2) different media, including one (1) copy of your data backup offsite. Our team will work with you to set the appropriate parameters for your business requirements, including relative active, periodic, and cool replication rules. Compatible with all Veeam or Dell EMC-supported software, disaster recovery, or replication solutions. viLogics Data Backup Service (DBUS) is specifically designed to license, manage and move your corporate data backups while helping you define and maintain your business requirements for backup and disaster recovery. viLogics has partnered with Veeam to provide you with the #1 backup and replication software solution to deliver unsurpassed availability for all of your cloud, virtual, and physical workloads from a single management console.

viLogics Disaster Recovery as a Service (viDRaaS) offers a much-needed affordable solution that makes it easier than ever for businesses to plan for backup and disaster recovery of business-critical systems if (and when) disaster strikes. This comprehensive solution incorporates DAS, DRS and DBUS, with the added support of a disaster recovery infrastructure assessment, customized action plan, biannual testing and optimization.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (viDRaaS)

Protection and Recovery

You need to keep data safe to begin with, but also have a backup plan in case of a failure. We’ve got you covered, with security tools to stop intruders and backup/duplication methods to ensure your operations keep humming along.


As business grows more complex, it’s often necessary to replicate data in different locations. You may need to reduce latency or replicate from one cloud provider to another. We’re here to assist.


If all else fails, you need a parachute to help keep your company landing safely. viLogic's IceVault is the final defense for company data recovery. A complete digital copy of your data is created and stored off the grid in a network secure "vault" where the data will be secured and left alone. If all other copies/data are compromised, viLogics IceVault remains secure and intact

Ransomware Protection

Too many organizations have fallen victim to digital blackmailers. Don’t be the next victim. With our storage redundancy options and other security measures, you can tell the hackers to take a hike.

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