When you look at our landing page (just redone by the way, link down below) there are several acronyms which describe a various number of services viLogics can provide. One of the first layers of the new V fortress is DRAAS. Or disaster recovery as a service.

DRAAS is simply a replica of a company’s servers in a manmade or natural disaster such as earthquakes, power outage, human error, alien invasion you name it. Disasters like this can create severe outages or lose customer data. This is especially useful to companies who normally would not consider investing in a disaster recovery plan either due to financial restraints or lack of expertise.

Downtime in any business is expensive and can be completely avoided. Some studies have concluded that unplanned downtime costs can average around $9,000 per minute. Considering the average downtime is five-ten minutes. A simple shortage could cost up to $100,000 and this does not include data loss. With DRAAS, your data can be recovered to the most current state as possible. This can take around 2-4 hours depending on which data server was affected.

It is a good idea for any successful business to consider getting DRAAS and pairing it with other data protection services such as multi-cloud storage, since a cloud is ideal for long term data storage due to its isolation from targeted attacks such as ransomware.

That is one of the key pillars in the fortress. While you can get a singular security option from viLogics, each layer works in harmony to protect your company’s data and customer information from whatever life throws at you. The rates are also clearly defined, so you do not have to be as concerned over hidden fees that could add up substantially.

We also have several data centers across the county. So, disaster recovery is simple with the viLogics Fortress!

If you have any questions about viLogics or what we do not hesitate to call us on (800)-473-1587 or visit 

Thank you

ViLogics Fortress Team

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