So, you invest a significant amount of time and money into developing safe backups and cloud storage. Your data and consumer information are now protected against disasters and server crashes. You are good to go right?

Then an employee unknowingly clicks an email containing malware.

It sounds dramatic right? But an uninformed action such as this can cost a company a huge of sum of money if that malware creates a breach into their information. No number of backups can protect you if someone has hacked their way into your information without crashing the servers. Leaking and selling consumer information onto the black market for profit and compromising the security and integrity of your successful business.

These simple mistakes are normally due to just a lack of information on end-user security. Or the entry point to a company’s servers such as a laptop, computer, or company email.

As cyber security becomes more mainstream. It is not just up to the IT/Cybersecurity professionals to manage every endpoint. Everyone in the company needs to have a basic understanding of various vulnerabilities. The lack of understanding has been the cause of some large breaches in major retailers such as target

That is why we at viLogics offer End-User-Security Training.

It takes only one hour every quarter to refresh, remind, and teach employees what the different end points are. How to spot potential threats and undergo further testing to improve their cybersecurity awareness.

A small but vital step to keep your business safe.

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Thank you

ViLogics Fortress Team

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