Having help desk services in your company or institution is a great feature to have to help your customers, or even potential customers, learn more about and how to use your products or services. If you’re looking to implement help desk services within your company, you’re in luck because this is one IT service that viLogics offers. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be listing out our help desk services to further clarify and explain what we offer and how this service can benefit you.

Help Desk Services Through viLogics

We have a team of certified technicians, all located in the United States, who are passionate about providing excellent customer service and customer support. These customer service technicians standing by for your call and are at the ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you have. With our help desk services, you will have access to this resource.

No great customer service story has stemmed from poor, rude help desk services. That is why viLogics is proud to provide customer support and services rooted in courtesy, transparency, and resourcefulness. We invest in our certified customer support technicians, equipping them with the resources and information they need to become familiar with your business, systems, services, and products. This way, the customer service your customers receive is accurate, knowledgeable, and up-to-date.

We believe great customer support stems from relationship building and prioritizing the customer. With our services, you can trust that your customers are being prioritized and served well by our expert resources.

Help Desk Service Highlights Include

  • Unlimited Remote Support – The customer service plans we offer cover and support the majority or issue you or your customers will experience. No matter the amount of support you’ve utilized in one month, you’ll pay one fixed, unlimited price.
  • Incident And Problem Management – The customer support services viLogics’ offers are provided in accordance with the Industry Best Practices. They are also administered by certified IT professionals.
  • Service Level Agreement – With a guaranteed response and resolution plan times, our customer support services are backed by an industry-leading Service Level Agreement.
  • Historical Incident Database – Our certified technicians become familiar and accustomed to your workforce systems and environment in order to provide your clientele with the highest of quality service and support. They record their findings in order to increase incident response and resolution times.

Managed Services Through viLogics

With our help desk services, you can feel at ease knowing that customers will feel comfortable, secure, and taken care of by our certified customer support technicians.

In addition to our help desk services, viLogics is proud to offer IT security, hosting, managed IT, and data center services. We are a leading national enterprise data center with 26 locations throughout the United States, dedicated and focused on serving our clients, and their clients, to the best of our abilities with our network management solutions. When you are in need of hosting, private cloud services, and a variety of other managed services, you know you can call us for quality products, service, and assistance.