As a hosting services and managed IT firm, viLogics is dedicated to serving our clients and their business needs through our technology solutions, including IT security, data center services, and managed services. We are a leading national enterprise data center company, and have 26 locations throughout the United States.

Whether you’re in need of hosting services or private cloud services, both, or anything in between, we are able and committed to serving your business with our secured infrastructure. Our data center infrastructure was designed with APC InfraStruXure Cooling, Power, and Data Center Monitoring Solutions. Further, our data centers support a full Tier 3 certifications.  

Enterprise Private Cloud

viLogics is leading an innovative change in managed IT services. When you partner with us and our managed private cloud, you will experience an increase in flexibility, you will lower your capital operating costs, and most importantly, you will improve the services you offer to your customers. The process is simple, as it should be.

When you opt for Enterprise Private Cloud, you’ll be able to access a fully managed private cloud infrastructure solution. And further, your business operations will be incredibly efficient and smooth, unlike many other IT resources and services.  

Our cloud services are customizable and fully managed to the application layer, so whatever your business needs are, know that you have the control to access it how you deem necessary for your company and business. And the size of your business doesn’t matter — viLogics’ services can handle and keep secure your company’s information at all times. Your data is never outsourced and is always hosted securely in secured private networked sites.


Cloud and virtualization services are constantly evolving, due to the changing nature of technology and business. If you have found yourself frustrated with your past and current IT services, it’s time for you to get introduced to viLogics. One of the data center services we offer is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which is not only cost-effective, but effective. It’s an IT solution that uses the cloud, as well as viLogic’s data center. Fully managed up to the OS level, this model provides housing, cooling, operation, and maintenance for your system. However, your IT department will still maintain complete access through a single-pane-of-glass. When they need to access servers, storage, network components, firewalls, IP addresses, and any other resource, they will be able to do so.

Colocation Services

We offer colocation services, as part of our overall data center and managed IT services. What is colocation? It allows your company or business to lease or license a secured area for your server in our data center.

These services are customizable, so you can create a space for a private cloud, if need be, for managing your equipment and services. And as your business landscape changes, the colocation services can be adjusted to fit the alterations. Not only that, but viLogics is affordable. Trust that with our services, you are experiencing an affordable, disaster safe, and scalable data center that holds the unique needs of your business a priority.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Among other services viLogics provides is the Desktop-as-a-Service. With this feature, our users can transform their desktop computers into an accessible cloud service, and is offered through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Remote Desktop Services (RDS). This provides workforces with an increased flexibility.

Data Protection-as-a-Service

Protecting important applications and data is critical when it comes to managing businesses, since in the horrible cases of information being compromised, it often gets deleted permanently. However, with viLogics’ data center services, your company’s assets and information is protected through our IT security services. We offer Disaster-as-a-Recovery (DRaaS) through EMC’s Data Domain. This can be integrated with Avamar or Datto’s SIRIS 2 line. Find more information about DRaaS integrations here.




With viLogics’ data center services, including managed IT security and more, your business will benefit. Not only will your operating costs go down, but the efficiency of your work will increase. Our technology solutions are disaster safe and scalable. Rest easy knowing that your company’s best interest is a priority at viLogics, and we are committed to serving our clients. Find more information about our data center services online, and get started with viLogics today.