As a business owner, being aware of your company’s IT security is undoubtedly a priority for you. You want to know all your options and make an educated decision on how best to protect your business and assets. Not only that, but working with a managed services provider, like viLogics, can increase your flexibility, lower your capital operating costs, and improve your work efficiency.

In addition to the managed services that we provide, viLogics also offers cloud services. But before we get into what we can do for your business, we want to discuss what managed services are compared to cloud services. The two terms can easily be confused, and it’s important to know the difference between the two before you make a decision on IT security options for your business.

Managed Services

The term “managed services” is used when a business’ IT security and management is outsourced to a third party. With 24/7 support, managed services will protect the IT infrastructure of your business. There are many benefits of working with a managed services provider, the main one being: your time will be freed up so you can focus on growing your business without being worried about any challenges or concerns with your IT infrastructure. Working with viLogics as your managed services provider will not only free up your time, but you will also notice that your operating costs will lower. In addition, you’ll have access to resources you couldn’t have internally and you’ll be investing in your company and increasing its value. Learn more about the benefits of working with viLogics as your managed services provider in a recent blog post.

Private Cloud Services

Cloud services provide your business with a storage solution for your data and assets on a third party application. Think of it as another form of the Internet. On the cloud, you can access your information wherever and whenever when you are connected to an Internet connection. Here at viLogics, we offer private cloud services. Our Enterprise Private Cloud customers will have access to a fully managed private cloud infrastructure, that of which provides them with security and trust. With the private cloud, your business’ data and assets will be secured and you will be able to access it whenever you need. Your data will never be outsourced, and each of our 26 data centers meet Tier 3 levels to support our cloud solutions. Securing and accessing data has never been more effective and efficient before. Learn more about our private cloud services on our site.

Work With viLogics For IT Security

With 26 locations spread across the United States, viLogics is a national data center and managed services provider. We are dedicated to serving our clients by providing them with quality IT security and network management software. From Enterprise Cloud models to data backup and disaster recovery, we specialize in a variety of services that are aimed to bring business owners peace of mind. If you have any questions about our managed services, private cloud hosting, or IT security in general, contact us today.