viLogics is excited to announce that we have a new partner. Pure Storage has recently come onboard to viLogics to help us with our mission. As an IT security company, we strive to offer access to the leading data center services in your area. With the foremost IT security services, we’re able to ensure you have all of the necessary tools you need to excel in your business. Now that Pure Storage is our 12th partner, when you sign on with our IT security services you can have state of the art tools to become a stronger, safer, and stable business. viLogics is invested in the demands of your business and we’ll do everything possible to ensure we’re able to meet your requirements. If you’re interested in strengthening your IT security in your business, then take the time to learn more about our services.

Who is Pure Storage?

Pure Storage is located in California and specializes in data flash storage. Data flash storage is a way to store data with flash memory drives. Flash memory storage is a great way to store data because it doesn’t have any moving parts. Moving parts produce heat and use too much power and maintenance. Flash storage doesn’t use as much heat, uses less power, and maintenance, which makes it a great tool to use to store important data. Pure storage is a leader in storage and is very much a visionary company. With the ability to envision, strengthen, and inform others about flash data storage, Pure Storage is paving the way for knowledge in this department. In addition, the products they provide are efficient, necessary, and will give you the agility you need to figure out any IT problems you might be facing. With future market overviews, Pure Storage can provide possibilities to your data storage. A great way to eliminate any risks with your business, Pure Storage will strengthen your cloud and move your business forward in a positive and innovative fashion.

What Partners Does viLogics Have?

To give you a good idea of the other partners viLogics has collaborated with, we compiled the list below. By feeling safe and secure in your technology, you’re able to work harder and bring your company to the next level of security. With the virtualization of the cloud and products that allow you to have an effective alternative to virtual hosting, you’ll be impressed with our tools and the partnerships we’ve formed with our associates. Below are a list of the other 11 partners we have at viLogics.

  • Cisco
  • Cohesity
  • VMware Service Provider
  • DellEMC Service Provider
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • Datto
  • Ingram Micro
  • Synnex
  • SOC

How Can viLogics Help Me?

viLogics is a managed IT service that specializes in large or small companies that strive to reach technological innovation. We give you the ability to embrace what the cloud service provides and make sure you have a trusted solution for all of your IT security services. We meet all of your needs for your organization with our technology. We give you the ability to be innovative with your technology by using hybrid cloud services that we’ve been in the forefront of. We make our services efficient, effective, and easy to use. To keep your business on the right track, viLogics will help you perform better, stronger, and safer.