In the realm of managed information technology (IT) services, a NOC is the network operations center. A NOC is the physical, centralized location where IT technicians can manage and support network hosting services. This is industry speak for saying that a NOC is a place where remote monitoring and management software (RMM) is managed by an IT team. The NOC can be thought of as a management control station where the operations and support team are located within a computer network or telecom infrastructure. The role of the NOC is to provide continuous, 24-hour access and management of a data network.

What are NOCs used for?

The NOC manages infrastructure, procedures, security of the network, quality control, and assurance, network monitoring tools, IT service ticket resolutions, integration with customer tools, and reporting and dashboards. Most network data centers have a single, dedicated room where the network operations center is located, and this can be found on or off-site. Some data centers use automated monitoring and resolution software in addition to or in lieu of a human team. However, many larger network data centers use both a human team and monitoring software.

What industries benefit from a NOC?

Industries that commonly house network operation centers include defense agencies, homeland security agencies, unified communications companies, digital video or physical security companies, and managed, hosted, or cloud service providers. Depending on the size of the agency or company, they may host their own NOC, or if the network is relatively small and can’t support the cost of a full-time NOC employee, the services may be outsourced to

INOC, the next level NOC

Similar to a NOC is an INOC — internet network operations center — which is the monitor and control center for all traffic passed through core routers and gateways of the internet. Whereas NOCs are used to monitor and manage services for service providers, INOCs provide monitoring and management services to server hosts and colocation facilities. These larger facilities have a throughput of much higher volumes of storage and data and require extensive power, cooling, security, and network considerations.

Network operations center (NOC) services at viLogics

viLogics proudly offers NOC services to monitor and manage your organization’s IT infrastructure to ensure it remains running smoothly and efficiently. We have human technicians that provide around the clock proactive monitoring so that potential or minor issues can be identified and resolved before they become problems that require downtime. We do utilize sophisticated remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools along with our highly skilled technicians that interpret the data.

When you outsource your NOC services to viLogics, our pledge to you is that we will do everything in our power to minimize network downtime. We provide power, cooling, and connectivity to eliminate IT issues and keep your network running smoothly. For more information about our IT services, browse our website and contact us online or call today.