With a focus on hosting services and IT security, viLogics offers our customers a variety of managed IT services, including data center services and managed services. Our company is a leading national enterprise data center. We are dedicated to serving our customers and providing for their business  through our network management solutions. And with 26 viLogics locations throughout the United States, we are the ones to call when you are in need of hosting, private cloud services, and many more managed services.

One of the security solutions that we offer at viLogics is Firewall-as-a-Service. Today we’re going to be providing more information about this service, discussing how it can protect and secure your business’ network. Continue reading along to learn more, and contact us at viLogics if you have any further questions.

Firewall-as-a-Service Through viLogics

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) is a service offered through viLogics that works to keep your business’ network secure, depending on your needs and specific size. When you implement this solution, threats to your system will be block and mitigated, providing you with effective network security.

This IT security option is put in place to screen out and prevent any hackers or viruses that are trying to infiltrate your network. Firewall-as-a-Service is considered a “next generation” firewall. As your business grows, you’ll need an IT security service that accommodates your growth and needs. Our IT management and FaaS is set it place to eliminate any issues before they continue to build up and cost you and your business valuable time and energy.

Our network management software solutions, including FaaS, are backed by Meraki next-generation firewall appliances. When you opt for comprehensive security through viLogics solutions, you’ll experience the effectiveness of our network management services and can rest easy knowing that your business is secure.

The highlights that this viLogics service offers include the following:

  • High Security Effectiveness – Our FaaS solutions are built around security effectiveness, and are based on the latest NSS Breach Detection System tests.
  • Minimal Breach Detection Times – We will keep your firewall up to date, so that it fights off new attacks and stops them from breaching the network.
  • Superior Multi-Layered Protection – The Meraki technology backing up our Firewall-as-a-Service solutions are tested and evaluated by third-parties. Maintaining visibility and control throughout your network, this technology offers multi-layered encryption.
  • Free Device Provided With Services – Included in our Firewall-as-a-Service agreement are next generation firewall appliances.

The network management and IT security services and solutions offered through viLogics are set in place to ensure your business, information, and network remain secure. Implementing our Firewall-as-a-Service solutions will not only provide security to your network, but will work to prevent any outside party from entering in.

Our data center services include private cloud solutions, colocation solutions, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and much more. If you have any further questions regarding our Firewall-as-a-Service solutions, or any of our data center and managed services, do not hesitate to reach out. Give us a call, and get started with viLogics and our network security solutions today.