Multicloud Services

Simplify complexities. Mitigate risks. Reach business goals.

Today’s businesses increasingly look to multicloud solutions to gain the scalability, agility, and efficiency their operations require. The challenge is how to manage all those resources without getting overwhelmed.

In viLogics, you have a partner that solves this challenge for you. We tap into the best-of-the-best vendors, then apply our own tools and talent to help you get the business results you want without the worry.

Centralized Management

See and control all your cloud environments from a single, unified dashboard. Our powerful, unique platform saves you untold hours, effort, and cost.

Managed or Self-Service

We'll handle the tasks your team doesn’t have time for. Or you can take a self-service approach if preferred, with a robust array of tools to make the job easier.

Customized Access Portal

You'll get a secure, centralized location for everything you need—and nothing you don’t. This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. We tailor this control center to your technology and business requirements and no one else’s.

Portability and Migration

If needed, we can port and migrate your data and applications to different locations and environments: on-prem to cloud, different cloud locations, etc.

Platform Transformation

Sometimes you need to pull up everything and replant it in a different environment. Say you’re unhappy with your public cloud provider and want to switch to its major competitor. We can make it happen.

Cost Management and Optimization

Think of this as “price transparency.” Your portal will show you what your resources are costing and are projected to cost using our services compared to alternatives. We’ll highlight resizing options, too. It’s all right there, easy for you to see.

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