Advanced Threat Protection

    Next Level Threat Protection

    An explosion of increasingly sophisticated malware is creating a dynamic cybersecurity threat landscape. Coupled with the ever- changing cybersecurity landscape and a shortage of threat specialists, many organizations struggle to provide adequate protection to their users.

    With advanced threat intelligence, viLogics can quickly evolve your security posture to address the latest threats and trends. Since exfiltration of data can occur in mere minutes, it’s no longer feasible to rely on signatures or manual mitigation alone. It’s critical to integrate advanced threat intelligence into your threat response processes.

    viLogics delivers a cohesive security infrastructure that fully integrates actionable threat intelligence and automates real-time advanced threat protection.

    Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

    Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

    Advanced cybersecurity threats are on the rise, with malicious actors looking for any opportunity to exploit your organization’s data and networks. That’s why it is critical to have a cohesive security infrastructure that can detect potential threats before they become an issue.

    viLogics provides advanced threat detection and protection solutions that integrate actionable threat intelligence and automate real-time advanced threat protection. Utilizing cutting edge technology, our platform helps identify malicious activity in a fraction of the time compared to other cybersecurity solutions, allowing you to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

    With viLogics, you can rest assured that your business is protected from the latest cybersecurity threats. We provide round-the-clock monitoring and up-to-date threat assessments so you can focus on what matters to your business instead of worrying about cybersecurity risks.

    Don’t let cybersecurity threats slow down your business. Get the most advanced protection available with viLogics. Protect yourself and those around you. Take advantage of our advanced threat detection and protection solutions today!


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    End-User Applications:

    With end-user applications becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to ensure your data is secure. With viLogics’ advanced threat detection capabilities, you can protect your end-users from potential threats. We offer a variety of cybersecurity and threat training programs to equip your employees with the information they need to stay safe online. Our comprehensive approach ensures that end-users have access to the latest tools and techniques for detecting and responding to cyber threats. So give yourself some peace of mind by investing in viLogics’ end-user security solutions today!

    • Human error is the number one cause of security and data breaches, responsible for 52% of incidents.
    • By end of 2021, cybercrimes will cost $6 trillion per year worldwide.
    • More than 50% of companies experienced a downtime event in the past five years that was longer than a full working day.
    Threat Detection for your applications

    Threat Detection for your applications

    For those who want even more assurance against threats, viLogics also provides enterprise-level protection with our advanced endpoint monitoring and analytics services. Our powerful software takes into account end-user behavior, network activity and end-point configurations to provide a comprehensive solution for enterprise cybersecurity. With our end-user threat detection platform, you can rest assured that your end-users are protected from the latest cyber threats.

    The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

    Enter Fortress.

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