Total Cybersecurity Assessment Audit

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    As we know the risk of cyber-attacks increases every day due to the pressure added on our networks from the new world order of remote users post pandemic, it is essential now more than ever that we constantly audit and report on our cybersecurity polices and strategies to stay ahead of these zero-day threats, incidents, and the traffic that impacts them. Today, many businesses are relying on pre-pandemic digital infrastructures to support remote working environments and their networks. This 7-day auditing service would bring significantly benefit to the performance and cyber threat assessment of any network.

    Why it’s Important
    • Businesses (of all sizes) face a growing list of cybersecurity threats elevated by the pandemic and hastily made remote work infrastructures 
    • Hackers continue to build more intelligent automated systems and tools that can instantly probe networks for vulnerabilities  
    • The majority of malware threats depend on two main areas: malicious content delivered via web browsing or as email attachments 
    • Advertising content is a significant source of inbound network traffic as well as a potential source of malicious ad content 
    • Control over application use is a significant challenge for administrators. Social media and multimedia applications such as Facebook and YouTube, peer-to-peer traffic, BitTorrent and gaming activity eat up a substantial amount of traffic and open a wide range of opportunities for malicious content to enter the network 

    How it Works 

    The Total Cybersecurity Assessment Audit silently and seamlessly audits every aspect of your live network activity over a seven-day period. The data gathered from the assessment gives viLogics the information needed to provide you with total visibility into your network activity, as well as actionable insights regarding opportunities for improving performance and cybersecurity protocols and protections for both inside and outside threats. 

    What You Will Learn

    Detailed overview of how your threats and network performance compare with other enterprises in your vertical, as well as with other businesses of a similar size or structure  

    Detailed overview of malware/botnet incidents including the name and history of the malicious code, identification of the most likely key vector(s), and recommendations for protection against future incidents 

    Detailed overview of application vulnerability, exploit attempts, and recommendations for strategies to protect against future incidents 

    Detailed overview of application-related information including data and bandwidth consumption by category, platform, device and user (when applicable) 

    Includes a detailed breakdown of social media and media streaming usage 

    Whether you’re working towards PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, or just looking to improve network performance and cybersecurity measures, the Total Cybersecurity Assessment Audit is your next step to fully understanding of your current infrastructure and reveal opportunities for addressing critical gaps in performance and cybersecurity practices.  

    The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

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