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    Hardened Endpoint

    viLogics secures end user machines, keeping the hackers out and giving the end-user the access, they need to do their job.  In the digital age, endpoints are everywhere. The list of devices that might need proper endpoint security is exhaustive: mobiles, laptops, even your smart watch can be hacked. Let’s look at some ways we can protect these vulnerable points in your cyber-security system from being exploited by hackers.

    Endpoint security is the most important part of any cybersecurity strategy. Endpoints are routinely exploited by unethical hackers and cybercriminals to gain access to personal information, corporate secrets or money from banks accounts. The solution? Securing end-user devices with endpoint protection software will stop data breaches before they have a chance at your sensitive business information. Data breaches in this way happen often due to lack of endpoint protection but there’s no need because it can be solved with one step!

    We hear stories about hacked accounts every day in our news feeds. Whether stealing from celebrities or just someone like us trying their best at being secure online; hacking is a business and not a hobby anymore. To help prevent this we can start off with Strong Password Requirements and/or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
    We deploy several technologies to Manage, monitor, maintain and secure your environment.

    They are:

    RMM (Remote monitoring and management)

    No more break/fix repair or local techs “running the meter”.  We will call you before you know you have a problem and tell you who we are working to remediate it. This approach saves money and time all while minimizing downtime.

    Live Threat Monitoring

    Proactively resolve threats in real time at the network edge.  We install an agent and monitor 24/7/365.

    Systems hardening via patching and OS updates

    Our Fortress agents review and test every patch before it gets applied to any end-user device or server.  Updates are performed on your schedule and system updates are verified via our reporting engine.  We also have capabilities to back out of patches that may cause problems.  No matter the end device we can provide the updates.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    This is a secure container service allowing you to make sure your critical business data does not remain on any end-user devices.

    URL Filtering

    URL filtering is a type of technology that helps define what content users and guests see on the web. If you’ve ever gotten a “block” page while surfing the internet at your company, then they are using this.

    Access control to the website whose URL contains the specified keywords.

    Endpoint Detection

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR), also known as endpoint threat detection and response (ETDR), is an integrated solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring of data with rules based automated responses. This system provides a more efficient way to analyze large amounts of information, making it crucial for companies who need fast first responders against malware attacks across the company’s network or enterprise systems.
    Response Encryption “Sandboxing” or creating a digital copy that perfectly replicates your operating system.

    viLogics Hardened Endpoint Service

    viLogics Hardened Endpoint Service

    Software and hardware patching is a necessary part of good cyber hygiene practices. There are many different types and sizes of organizations, but keeping endpoints secure should be at the top priority for all companies. Our patch management tool can help any organization to keep their computers up-to-date in order to ensure safety against malware attacks. Using viLogics automated tools can help you safeguard your network, minimize the risk of being exploited and reduce the attack surface. Let’s face it. People leave companies and lose phones all the time.  What is your plan to make sure your data does NOT remain on any company or personal devices if an event happens?
    ViLogics Hardened Endpoint Service means we’re watching 24/7/365 for events on your PC’s, Mac’s, and Servers. When an event does happen, we are calling you. It’s the only way to find peace of mind. The only call you must make is to setup an appointment once you are a customer, we will proactively call you!

    The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

    Enter Fortress.

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