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Cloud Management

Our Fortress is managed by top tier engineers offering 24/7/365 Customer Service, training, and live threat monitoring.

viLogics cloud solution helps customers across every industry address their most critical IT pain points. We manage hybrid clouds and scale them on demand. Cloud migrations and application modernization is taken off your hands entirely.

Cloud advantages

viLogics manages your cloud with on-demand computing services and infrastructure. Cloud computing opens many doors for optimal workload balancing within budget constraints. Your data, once stored on a cloud is accessible from anywhere. This increased flexibility drives operational efficiencies for the office or Work from Home (WFM) full time employees (FTE). We offer many different types of storage plans that can be scaled depending on your IT infrastructure needs. If your company hosts an application with periods of peak usage, the cloud is your solution because the extra computing power is only needed for a short time. Cloud scale-up and scale-out architecture makes this infinitely scalable. Highpoints include:

  • Responsiveness to variable demand —if your business experiences seasonal peaks and valleys in demand. Our cloud can scale seamlessly to meet customer demands.
  • viLogics allows your team to focus on more strategic projects, rather than managing physical infrastructure.
  • By using cloud computing for your information disasters are avoided. You gain improved business resiliency and improved availability during disasters.

Using cloud computing can save your business money in a couple of different ways:

  • Lower equipment purchase costs: Because employees can access and pay for cloud-based resources only when they need them, using cloud–based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and applications is often less expensive than purchasing physical IT equipment or software packages that may or may not be used and will need to be maintained.
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs: With cloud-based services, the cost of maintaining IT equipment is also passed on to our trustworthy team of engineers.

Our multi-cloud management platform is a strategic mixing and matching of workloads across multiple public cloud vendors (eg. AWS, Azure, Google), managed under one platform, to achieve your long-term business objectives.

Advantages of viLogics Multi-cloud Management Platform
Advantages of viLogics Multi-cloud Management Platform - 2

Advantages of viLogics Multi-cloud Management Platform

Today’s businesses increasingly look to multi-cloud solutions to gain the scalability, agility, and efficiency that their operations require. We remove the challenge of managing all those resources. At viLogics, we partner with you. We tap into the best-of-the-best vendors, then apply our own tools and talent to help you get the business results you want without the worry. One of thing that makes us different is our ability to learn and adapt quickly to support any infrastructure. With our current team, we have worked with over 70+ products used in today’s enterprise IT infrastructure landscape.

Here are some important topics:

Centralized Management

Utilizing the viLogics platform, Customers see and control all their cloud environments from a single, unified dashboard. Our powerful, unique platform saves you untold hours, effort, and cost.

Managed or Self-Service

We’ll handle the tasks your team doesn’t have time for. Or you can take a self-service approach if preferred, with a robust array of tools to make the job easier.

Customized Access Portal

You’ll get a secure, centralized location for everything you need—and nothing you don’t. This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. We tailor this control center to your exact technology and business requirements and no one else’s.

Portability and Migration

If needed, we can port and migrate your data and applications to different locations and environments: on-prem to cloud, different cloud locations, etc.

Platform Transformation

Sometimes you need to pull up everything and replant it in a different environment. Say you’re unhappy with your public cloud provider and want to switch to its major competitor. We can make it happen.

Cost Management and Optimization

Think of this as “price transparency.” Your portal will show you what your resources are costing and are projected to cost using our services compared to alternatives. We’ll highlight resizing options, too. It’s all right there, easy for you to see.

The objective of our multi-cloud security is to stay ahead of vulnerabilities. We do this by integrating automated security policies into your multi-cloud management platform. Similar to how ‘governance as code’ uses policies to free up employee time, ‘security as code’ can provide a deep view into access control, network security, data security, application security and audit trails.
We can automatically identify, flag, and escalate misconfigurations based on security best practices so we can remediate these risks without interrupting your business.

Data Center Management Support:

Data Center Management Support:

viLogics offers 24/7/365 support from our competitively trained top-tier engineers.
Enterprise Support 24/7/365:

  • Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, PPP, Outlook, Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage
  • Engineering Support for Network, Physical Servers, VMware (Application support)
  • Support tiers based on ITIL industry standards
Virtual Consulting Services

Virtual Consulting Services

Readily available consulting for your company in the following areas:

  • Partner Cloud Services
  • VMware solution designs
  • Cisco Solution Engineering
  • DELL EMC advanced design and architecting
  • Network Design and Scope
  • Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • Cloud Migrations
  • New Hardware migrations
  • Application migrations to private and public clouds
  • QuickBooks managed Hosting
  • Use landing page content
  • Add more about IaaS
Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

  • Veeam
  • Microsoft
  • Azure
  • FortiNet
  • SentinelOne
  • Cisco
  • VMware
  • ConnectWise

The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

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