Smart Source Consulting

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    Finding the right person for the right job has always been a challenge. Our on-demand engineering team has more than 100+ years of experience in IT solutions. The extensive background with vendors gives us a better well-rounded set of experience. No matter what vendor of choosing, we can guarantee someone on the team has knowledge about the situation. If we don’t understand the configuration, our team always figures out the correct action plan to complete the project. One thing we never do is over promise and underdeliver on any project scope of work (PSOW). We believe honesty is our best policy through detailed project management to set expectations. We take pride in our work and believe Customer satisfaction matters.

    Why trust us?

    We are 100% USA based team to help with whatever a Company may need. Smart sourcing a PSOW to a strategic partner drives operational efficiencies. For example, with right sizing projects, Companies rarely use applications to their full potential. This creates shelf ware and is a complete waste of money. Our first step is to understand how your business ticks. Utilizing this knowledge, we build a long-term strategy and a quick return on investment (ROI) action plan. Repurposing on any current infrastructure will recoup funds the quickest. Let us complete a free assessment and see how we can help save you money.

    Network Consulting

    Within our network engineering team, we have a unique skillset. Our team believes communication is key to work as one cohesive unit. Every design is different, and we listen to your business requirements. Simple networks are a thing of the past so, we partnered with Cisco and FortiNet to deliver secure network designs. Complex physical and virtual networks are here to stay.

    Enterprise Internet Connectivity

    When designing resilient networks, we have seen companies over invest in unnecessary internet bandwidth. Our team works with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver cost effective internet connectivity. Let us negotiate and make sure the network is right sized for your business requirements. Additionally, our Network Operation Center can help with making sure you’re always connected when business really matters.

    Data Center Migrations

    Data center migrations consume enormous amounts of resources all around. As a result, down time must occur, but the hardest part is to accomplish this without losing business. You can trust our experienced team of engineers and project managers to make sure we are on time and under budget. Our primary goal is to complete every project to 100%.

    IT Infrastructure Consulting

    Every day, every hour, every second data is growing faster and larger than ever before. No matter the application or project, everything generates massive amounts of data. This business-critical data is then processed into applications that stakeholders monitor to ensure operations are running smoothly. Infrastructure consulting has been our strongest vertical to date. This is our niche to increase productivity by more than 50% and decrease CAPEX budgets. Our proven track record shows we deliver the best results.

    Infrastructure Smart Source Consulting Examples:

    VMware Architecting & Implementations

    Cisco Solution Engineering and Implementation

    FortiNet Solution Architecting and Implementation

    DELL Technologies Architecting and Implementation

    Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud – Architecting & Implementation

    Application migrations to private and public clouds

    Muti-Cloud Management with diverse cloud workloads

    Wireless Network Connectivity Design & Installation

    After extensive research, we strategically partnered with Ruckus Wireless to produce the best-in-class Wi-Fi technology. Our team has expertise in designing and installing a variety of different Ruckus technologies. The era of wireless internet connectivity is growing at a rapid rate. Almost every new smart device has an IP address. Thus, Ruckus Wireless specializes in high density Wi-Fi per Access Point (AP). High density Wi-Fi 6 fixes a lot of issues with today’s wireless connectivity.  When it comes to Wi-Fi, you can trust our team to help.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    We want you to ask yourself one question…What would happen today if an employee lost a device with secure data on it? Organizations must secure critical data to remain protected from data breaches. Increased use in cellular connected devices leaves you more exposed to data theft. Companies now rely on employees always being connected to conduct business. An MDM solution creates a totally secure workplace around your data and makes sure every device maintains security protocols. So, when a device goes missing your company data doesn’t go with it. You need that self-assurance the data is completely wiped from the device. By partnering with Microsoft, we to deliver the best MDM solution on the market and easily integrate with existing office 365 environments. Let us help secure your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and internal devices today. Losing data has massive consequences and do not let it happen to you.

    Office 365 Migrations

    Whether you’re migrating from on premise exchange servers or another exchange product, viLogics specializes in office 365 migration services. We have a lot sf experience with migrating customers to the number one email exchange service offered today. This is a great solution for all size of business with plenty of extra price plans to meet any infrastructure budget size. Call us today for a free estimate on what it would cost to migrate today!

    Security Vulnerability Testing

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, hacking has increased exponentially. We have seen a massive increase in vulnerability testing to assess all network loopholes or security vulnerabilities. This is currently our fastest growing Smart source consulting service. Security is no longer something you can put on the back burner. It needs to be the highest priority with cyberattacks hitting the news every day. We partner with leading edge assessment programs to deliver the most comprehensive tests and detailed reports. Call us today to provide you with vulnerabilities in your external and internal threat landscape.

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