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    Enterprise Support 24/7/365

    Enterprise Support 24/7/365

    • Office 365 / Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, PPP, Outlook, Teams
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage
    • Engineering Support for Network, Physical Servers, VMware (Application support)
    • Support tiers based on ITIL industry standards
    Proactive versus reactive IT services.

    Here is the difference.

    viLogics is a 100% 24/7 USA based Enterprise Help Desk service provider. We are available around-the-clock to help with any unforeseen incidents that impact business. Our team proactively watches everything to detect anomalies and prevent any possible downtime. Ensuring your business continuity remains accessible to your customers is vital to you and viLogics’ continued success. Enterprise Help Desk is a major pillar in delivering the best customer service. Tickets and issues are going to happen.

    Responding ASAP (Under 10 minutes guaranteed) to all tickets no matter the severity is how we operate. Losing or not responding to tickets does not occur because our autonomous workflows drive 100% ticket resolution rate. The combination of our proactive approach to IT, unparalleled technological support team, and the utilization of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) minimizes operational downtime.

    Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

    It’s our responsibility to keep customers happy and provide good customer service, you need a system that will allow for the quick ticket resolution. SLAs are contracts with specific time frames in which issues must be acknowledged; this prevents more severe situations from occurring. Our priority assignments have a contract obligation to answer a ticket in a certain amount of time.

    There are several priorities that determine this:

    Priority 1 ticket

    (Business critical – unable to operate business)
    15 min response and acknowledgement

    Priority 2 ticket

    (Degradation of service – working in limited capacity)
    4 Hour response and acknowledgement

    Priority 3 ticket

    (Limited Impact – service is working but not correctly)
    8 Hour response and acknowledgement

    Priority 4 ticket

    (Minimal impact – service affected)
    24 Hour response and acknowledgement

    Prioritize your Network Operations

    Prioritize your Network Operations

    Real time event monitoring, management, and remediation
    Our trained experts coupled with our automated agents make one hell of a threat killing combination!
    viLogics will help identify insider and incoming threats that would pass traditional defenses. Our live threat detection parameters help prioritize which threats need immediate attention. We also provide risk scores of Users and Devices that can augment UEBA rules and other analysis. Risk scores are calculated by combining several datapoints regarding the user and device. The User and Device risk scores are displayed in a unified entity risk dashboard.

    What is a NOC and SOC?

    A Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) are two important divisions of the viLogics enterprise support center. They maintain optimal network performance, while identifying threats or cyber-attacks respectively. The NOC works to keep things running smoothly by maintaining the physical aspects of a business’s internet infrastructure such as servers and switches, whereas SOC is more focused on investigating security breaches in order to make an organization safe from possible future hacks or malware infections that could cause harm.

    NOC + SOC
    NOC + SOC - 2

    NOC + SOC

    There are many factors to consider when deploying a NOC and SOC. The most important is determining who will accomplish what, how they’ll collaborate, their coverage areas for each security system (NOC vs SOC), and the communication between them. viLogics requires both teams to include clear delineation of responsibilities with an emphasis on cohesive collaboration while maintaining potential cross over within individual coverage areas. viLogics NOC/SOC offers real time event monitoring, management, and remediation. Our trained experts coupled with our automated agents makes an ironclad of a threat killing combination! viLogics will help identify insider and incoming threats that would pass traditional defenses. Our live threat detection parameters help prioritize which threats need immediate attention. We also provide risk scores of users and devices that can augment rules and other analysis. Risk scores are calculated by combining several datapoints regarding the user and device.

    NOC Fortress Agents Monitors And Manages The Following:

    • 24/7 Network, hardware & software network optimization
    • Proactive & consistent monitoring
    • Updates & patch management
    • Reduced downtime & alert management
    • Consistent data flow & data backup management
    • Network communications
    • Reporting, including trend identification & analysis
    • Remediation & roadmap recommendations
    • Oversee managed IT infrastructure
    • Incident response with minimal downtime
    • SLAs for response
    • System monitoring, troubleshooting & remediation
    • Proactive maintenance
    • Data analysis & reporting
    • Focused on system health & performance
    • Operations-Based, ticket & alert-driven

    SOC Fortress Agents Monitors And Manages The Following:

    • Built on data, communication, service & security (endpoint & network)
    • Threat & network vulnerability tracking
    • Protects & safeguards sensitive information
    • Real-Time detection & response & historical data access
    • Strategic & proactive approach
    • 24/7 network real-time vulnerability endpoint monitoring
    • Comprehensive Investigations: Understanding how and why a breach occurred can prevent future attacks.
    • Security Policies & Processes: Ensure all requirements are updated and compliant with the latest regulations.
    • Research & Analysis: Security log data reviews, investigates, and records regular and irregular trends.
    • Threat Detection & Risk Mitigation: This includes ransomware, and other intrusion prevention systems.

    viLogics Customer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    We build custom SOPs that are exact explanations of every customer’s current infrastructure. This full-scale knowledge transfer determines the exact procedures to support your business. By doing this upfront, ticket resolution time decreases. This saves money and time you can be dedicating to your patients, clients, or customers.

    Customer Service Portal

    We provide personalized customer service with a ticketing system that is easily accessible through an online portal for convenience. The portal shows all priorities with explanations, and you can submit a ticket in seconds. Also, it shows all tickets and their current state. Have an issue with seeing an invoice, you can easily login to the same portal to show all invoices. No more searching through emails to check anything relating to vilogics customer service requests. Our enterprise support center is the engine that drives our business. All of us work together on the NOC, SOC, Help Desk, and engineering team. We are always ambassadors for customer success and ensure no security gaps happen by closing any open tickets to soon. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is something we take very seriously.

    Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

    With all help desk services, we require remote monitoring and management services to proactively monitor your devices.  To deliver the best possible service, RMM proactively monitors systems to ensure disk space is available, and software patches meet vendor requirements. It also allows us to connect to the end-user device remotely and discover why issues may occur. This helps us build a working repository of information so our Help Desk team can proactively monitor and reach out to you regarding any IT concerns that may turn into bigger problems. We then efficiently perform Helpdesk commands for updates, patches, and critical alerts. Keeping your business running without even knowing we had an incident is our main goal. Zero downtime equals a happy successful customer! We implement a company specific CMDB (Client Management Database) that loads data from RMM services. By doing this, we are given all your analytics and assets, including PC names, and Mac addresses. This extra step keeps your data, applications and customers fortressed in security by not allowing unapproved access. Our approved list of devices in CMDB is the only devices we provide Help Desk services on. Social engineering crime is something very serious and happen every day. You can trust us to have the correct protocols in place to stop Help Desk on unknow devices.

    The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

    Enter Fortress.

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