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You need the right strategic technology solutions to keep your software protected. viLogics specializes in enterprise IT business services and software-defined data center service. We strive to provide our clients with the strategic technology roadmaps they need to succeed. We offer cybersecurity solutions, and a Total Secure Office Solution, to protect your software from threats. Read on to learn more about the importance of software protection your business.

software, software protection, software security, cybersecurity, data, total secure office

What Kind of Threats are there to My Network?

Information security should be at the top of mind for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise level businesses should be concerned with the threats their network faces on a daily basis. Some of the top information security threats businesses need to be aware of include social engineering, third party exposure, ransomware, malware, patch management, and general data vulnerabilities across their organization.

How to Identify Threats

Identifying IT threats and vulnerabilities to your business is dependent on factors. Phishing attempts are a social engineering threat that everyone in your organization should be aware of. However, the largest threats to your software and information security can come from structural vulnerabilities. Structural vulnerabilities include old versions of software that need to be updated and mishandling of secure information by third party vendors.  There are overall data vulnerabilities as well, such as outdated equipment, unprotected networks, and human error as a result of insufficient training.

total secure office, data, software protection, software, cybersecurity
software, business software, software protection, cybersecurity, data, business

How to Nullify External Dangers

There are a number of things that any organization can do to nullify the external dangers posed by security threats. On a personnel level, you can provide your employees with extensive training. This training identifies threats and vulnerabilities they might encounter while operating your software. While this is a smart move for any enterprise, it can only do so much. The best course of action is to address information security weaknesses and data vulnerabilities at their core. This can be done by partnering with a reputable cybersecurity provider. 

Total Secure Office (TSO2) Technology Protection Service

Total Secure Office (TSO2) helps protect your IT department. Even amidst the chaos of multiple clouds, disparate platforms, disconnected tools, and sprawling data. We offer solutions according to your needs. Disaster Recovery and backup services, end user security training, and data loss prevention solutions. Managed cloud services, and many more solutions, you can depend to meet your business needs and protect your software from digital threats.

cybersecurity, software, software protection, data

Today more than ever, enterprise IT departments are faced by software and data security threats on a second-to-second basis. Contact viLogics to speak with an expert about finding the right technology solutions for your organization.

The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

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