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viLogics supports business owners by meeting current and future technology endeavors through IT business services and software with a strategic roadmap tailored to your needs. Watch your business thrive, while staying protected from cybersecurity risks.

The mission of viLogics is to bring peace of mind and security — both digital and through multi-cloud — to all forms of business. Now, more than ever, is a crucial time to rev up your IT security, for a safer and more secure way to grow your business.

Learn how viLogics help as we explore our top services that will help solve your IT needs in today’s post.

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Industries We Serve

In today’s growing IT climate where things are changing at record speed, staying relevant and secure with potential IT security threats is a full-time job.

As your business is confronted with the growing chaos of multiple clouds, disconnected tools, disparate platforms, sprawling data, and beyond, viLogic is your go-to resource and ally in cybersecurity. We intimately know that no two challenges are the same, yet all of them pose a significant threat to your business. Get the upper hand, stay competitive, and anticipate daily new IT threats when you partner with viLogics.

Serving a variety of industries, we upgrade outdated core IT systems and develop strategic solutions to overcome every IT challenge that is encountered. From state and local government, retail, non-profit and higher education to financial services, legal, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare, we leverage our unique skills and experience to prevent and combat cybersecurity enemies

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Data Management

viLogics is the premier data management ally for your business. We specialize in three areas of focus for iron-clad results.

Backup As A Service (BaaS)

BaaS from viLogics prioritizes your backups through innovative software that has an unsurpassed availability of your cloud, virtual, and physical workloads from one streamlined management console.

This specific service was designed to efficiently manage your business backups, so you’re always up-to-date in your backups to better mitigate disaster recoveries.

Archive As A Service & IceVault

Your data is incredibly important, so it can be devastating when accidental data deletion occurs or internal and external security threats pose a threat to this information. Forget under-prioritizing and overlooking your data security application and get archive as a service and IceVault from viLogic.

When more robust measures beyond archive as a service are needed, IceVault can step in. IceVault was developed as a final step in data recovery. A comprehensive digital copy of your business’s data is created and stored off the grid in a secure network, or vault.

This data is a snapshot of your data at a specific point in time that is 100% secure.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

DRaaS is an affordable solution of data disaster recovery if and when a cybersecurity threat strikes. With comprehensive support from DAS, DRS, and DBUS, each business receives a customized plan with biannual testing and optimization.

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With a broad range of cybersecurity services, viLogics has your business covered. From a cybersecurity assessment audit, end-user training, and hardened endpoint to network security, firewall as a service, and NOC/SOC, any potential risks are assuaged through our customized plan.

Eliminate network vulnerabilities, save your business money in damages or loss of business, safeguard your operating system, keep the gates closed to unwanted threats, and invest in private servers, all with the expertise and support from the cybersecurity team at viLogics.

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Managed Services

For the best in managed services, look no further than viLogics.

Cloud Management

With viLogic’s total secure office approach, we deliver all of your multi-cloud services through one single management portal, with a cybersecurity fortress that protects all of your business IT specifications.

Enterprise Helpdesk

Worried about staying current with IT practices and security measures? That’s what our enterprise helpdesk is for! Turn to us when you need assistance and our fortress agents can help you get to the root of the issue. viLogic works with your IT team to reduce costs and keep overhead at a minimum.

Smart Source Consulting

Looking to revamp your IT infrastructure? Our smart source consulting service deploys fortress agents to modify and maintain your networks, while improving efficiency and minimizing security risks and threats.

No matter what kind of IT infrastructure your business has, viLogic can help design and implement a robust system through our comprehensive services including data management, cybersecurity, and managed services.

To learn more about how we can revolutionize your IT infrastructure, seek fortress protection and connect with viLogic today!

The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

Enter Fortress.

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