Use Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to Secure Your Business Critical Data on Our Armored Cloud Fortress

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Access Secure Cloud Computing & VMware Backup Capabilities for Your Virtualization Platforms

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Trust Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to Defend Your Infrastructure

Never worry about backup demands or recovery initiation for your vital digital foundation. viLogics has your back!
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Managed Cloud Services

Finally, Managed Cloud Services without Headaches

Utilizing our Total Secure Office ideology, your Multi-Cloud Services get delivered through a single customized operational management portal within the fortress for all your business IT requirements.

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Prevent Data from Disappearing

Our full-mirrored, multi-site protection for your fortified stack ensures the business survival of all data.

Our powerful DRaaS redundant stack solution within the 7 layers of our armored cloud fortress protects your most valued investments and ensures business continuity. When disaster is on the horizon, have peace of mind your Enterprise Fortune 100 company is protected.

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End-User Security Training

Outsmart the Hacker

End-user cybersecurity training could save you tens of thousands of dollars in damages or the loss of your business.

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Hardened Endpoints

Keep Hackers out of Root Access

This Layer provides the necessary end-user access while safeguarding your operating systems from even the most destructive brute force attacks. The viLogics hardened endpoints create the only certified data loss prevention solution by fortifying the end-user machines.

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Get Security & Piece of Mind 24/7

Fortress Agents are critical components of the viLogics Armored Cloud Fortress. They are highly trained, 100% U.S.-based and provide 24/7/365 cybersecurity, network, and helpdesk expertise. The viLogics’ enterprise support center within Fortress works together to ensure security and peace of mind.

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They Can’t Penetrate the Wall of Fire

viLogics Firewall as a Service is a fully managed and hardened security gateway appliance configured with the latest network security technologies. All are running 24/7/365 to monitor and proactively protect all inbound and outbound data streams for all known vulnerabilities including zero-day cybersecurity threats.

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Companies that trust us with Managed Cloud Services

What Clients Say

“We found viLogics by chance after our previous technology partner suffered a catastrophic ransomware event, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since moving viLogics we’ve had zero issues or outages and have expanded our services by 400%. viLogics is a key component of our 2021 growth acquisition plan.”

Don Rossman,
Principal Project Manager

“viLogics helped the American Red Cross lower our data center and helpdesk service cost by over 50% all while injecting a digital transformation program to modernizing aging hardware stack. This decision to migrate all data management and hosting services to viLogics has lead to a zero downtime events the past 36 month.”

D. Bell,
VP of Infrastructure

“Since moving to viLogic’s Managed Services, we have seen extremely short time to resolution; and in fact, their team actually found and solved five long-term outstanding network issues in the first month of service.”

D. Miller,
Director of Data Center Services

Technology Partners

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