viDPaaS® Powered by Cohesity DataPlatform

The Cohesity DataPlatform helps viLogics-Data-Protection-as-a-Service (viDPaaS) deliver NexGen web-scaled secondary data management for all File and Object based data sets by eliminating data silos and bringing all enterprise global data sets back into view. viDPaaS also includes an enterprise data protection service to their upgraded software-defined, hyperconverged platform under this radically new streamline backup. This helps converged Files and Object services, quickly deliver Test/Dev instances, and provides analytic functions on a single, global data store. Customers of all sizes including Global 1000 companies and federal agencies are modernizing and scaling secondary data protection with empowered solution like viDPaaS with Cohesity.

viDPaaS can provide a complete diverse primary and secondary Data Protection for any customers. Whether you operate a small, medium, or enterprise business, on-premise or in Azure we have a data protection solution that meets your needs and budget.

Total Secure Office Package

Don’t have an IT professional on staff or is your IT Team CapEx or time restricted then Total Secure may be the product for you! viLogics Total Secure product offers security from your endpoints to the cloud. Total Secure features include:

  • Managed Firewall – New NexGen Firewalls
    • Access Control List (ACL) Management
    • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
    • Firewall 24/7/365 Support
    • Application Control Services
    • Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS)
    • Firewall Network Traffic Anti-Virus (AV) Protection
    • Web-Filtering Services
    • Anti-spam Services
    • GeoFencing – Blocking Rogue States (North Korea, Russia, China)
  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
    • Full Network Monitoring for all switches and routers with diagnostic up-time reports
    • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware deployment and management
    • Weekly Anti-virus/Anti-malware security compliance validation checks
    • Weekly Firmware Security checks and updates (switches and other devices)
    • Weekly Operating System (OS) Patch Management checks and scheduled updates
    • Daily critical patching checks and scheduled updates
    • Endpoint Device Monitoring all devices
      • Laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and other IP based devices
  • Enterprise-Grade Help Desk
    • 100% US-based live support
    • Internal 24/7/365 coverage – no outsourcing
    • Robust client portal ticketing system
    • Automated client alert and messaging system
    • Enterprise escalation system with artificial intelligent workflow processes
    • Highly trained support staff – “We get it right 98% on the first call”
    • Best in class support staff to client ratio
    • Leading lowest response and resolution times in the industry
    • Best in class escalation matrix
    • 24/7/365 support WatchMan phone number
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
    • 24/7/365 Live person monitoring all IP endpoints
    • Pro-active scanning of all network traffic anomalies
    • Continuous cyber-attacks or intrusions monitoring to determine the level of malicious threat
    • Daily update scans for all endpoint security software
    • Monthly risk assessments report meeting with Client
    • End user online training session
    • Alert messaging services “Zero Day Notices”
  • Total Secure Office offers you the best in class IT managed service and data protection plan:
    • Turnkey IT as a Service
    • Enterprise Engineering team at small business price
    • Enterprise data protection services
    • Structured certified disaster recovery services
    • Fully Audited SSAE 16 SOC II report
    • Fixed monthly cost “Pay as you Grow”
    • Monthly governance and planning meetings
    • Full compliance and usage reports (weekly and monthly)
  • Veeam Cloud Connect for current Veeam users:
    • viLogics as a Veeam Cloud Provider supports all current Veeam users
    • Easy to configure Replication-as-a-Service (RaaS) target
    • Integrated disaster recovery solution for Veeam client needing strict availability and reliability requirements
    • Onsite availability for virtual, physical, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, from VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Office 365 Exchange Mailbox, and others.

viLogics Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (viDRaaS™)

Infrastructure outages can significatnly impact organizations by causing loss of productivity, potential loss of critical data, as well as potential regulatory compliance issues. Although it can be challenging to quantify the true costs of a disaster, it is safe tos ay that some businesses never fully recover.

Small businesses know that they can’t afford to lose data. However, more than half – 58% – of these small businesses are not prepared for data loss. Even worse, 60% of small businesses that lose data will shut down within six months. This is according to the new information gathered by Washington, DC-based research firm, Clutch.

The viDRaaS Solution can significatnly reduce and prevent the impact of a potential downtime caused by an outage. A combination of the viLogics’ high-performance data centers and the viLogics Enterprise DataPlatform will deliver a flexible and scalable cloud-based infrastructure for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity at a fraction of the cost to other traditional disaster recovery solutions.

  • Flexible Replication Services – Defined RPO, RTO, and retention periods to meet near-continuous data protection or long-term off-site archival needs.
  • Automated On-Demand Failover – Automate disaster recovery workflows using our RESTful API framework.
  • Centralized Management – Simplified converged management console for all viDRaaS needs.
  • Minimized downtime and data loss – Define your business specific RPO’s for your physical and virtual infrastructures. Sub-minute recovery can be achieved with zero impact on performance or resource utilization of the primary production systems.
  • Consumption-Based Flexible Pricing Model – Customers can protect any number portion of their physical and virtual infrastructures without having to pay for reserved capacity and resources, just pay for the resources consumed and capacity stored.

viLogics’ Enterprise Class Data Protection Platform – Benefit from the latest modern technologies and architectures which include the services and benefits listed below:

viLogics Data Protection-as-a-Service (viDPaaS™)

Our solution provides Enterprise-Class Data Protection for virtual and physical infrastructures, applications, databases, primary storage arrays, and provides Test/Dev environments that are simple and easy to scale, and lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).