data, data recovery, data breach, data protection, cybersecurity

As an IT professional, it’s important to you to ensure that your data is protected at all times, but what if you lose it in an outage or attack? Not to worry! The experts at viLogics are ready and able to help you prevent data loss and optimize your recovery process if ever needed. Here is our inside knowledge on ways you can both recover your data and protect it from future breaches or losses.

data, data protection, data recovery, disaster recovery
data, data protection, data recovery, disaster recovery, data breach

How Can Data Be Recovered?

One of the many ways to recover data in the event of a security breach or an outage that causes data losses is to ensure that you have a thorough preventative process in place. Backups are a smart choice, and make recovering your data easy. However, if you did not have a backup in place or your backups were lost too, you can work with the professional data experts at viLogics to help you recover data from hard drives and other data sources that may have experienced data loss.

What Are The Main Methods That Protect Your Data From Being Lost?

First and foremost, our top recommendation for protecting your data from being lost is to create backups. A thorough backup plan will include redundancies, as well, especially if your data is sensitive or hard to duplicate. In addition, a secure protection plan, set up by the IT Management Services at viLogics, is a highly important step toward ensuring your data is secure and easily recovered in the event of data loss.

data, data recovery, data breach
data protection

Best Data Recovery Software?

Depending on your company’s needs and your data protection requirements, there are different softwares available to our team of expert IT Management Service professionals. When you work with our team to recover your data and protect it from future threats or losses, you’ll receive customized recommendations for software and hardware to recover and protect your data.

What Is Data Backup And Recovery?

Data backup and recovery are terms used to describe the process of protecting the information held in your IT systems that is essential to your business or organization. “Data backup” is a term used to refer to protecting your company’s information from loss by creating multiple copies of said information. Many organizations choose to create multiple backups, which are referred to as “redundancies” so as to prevent total loss of data. Recovering data is the process of getting information back in the event of data loss, which can be the result of a security breach by individuals looking to delete or steal your data, or technological difficulties causing a system outage.

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What Is Disaster Recovery Management?

Disaster recovery management is a service that viLogics provides to help our clients with regaining access and functionality to IT infrastructure after disasters or events like a cyber attack, natural disasters, business disruptions, and more. This is one of the many IT management services offered to help keep your business running smoothly and to maintain a professional, secure environment for your company’s data.

What Are The Strategies For Data Recovery?

Because viLogics works with every client we serve with a customized solution to their needs and data protection requirements, our strategies may vary. However, many strategies for data recovery include:

  • Hot Sites
  • Spare or Underutilized Servers
  • Use of Noncritical Servers
  • Duplicate Data Centers
  • Replacement Agreements
  • Transferring Operations to Other Locations
  • And More

Our team will also help you create data policies and procedures that are put in place to help prevent data loss or corruptions that may be caused by users within the organization.

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Learn more about data recovery, our team, and so much more by browsing through the IT management solutions Blog today. Do you need data recovery services? We’re here to help! Get started with us today and contact our team to learn more!

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