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Today’s enterprise IT departments are confronted by the growing chaos of multiple clouds, disparate platforms, disconnected tools, and sprawling data. No two challenges are the same, but they all pose a significant threat to the success of digital transformation for any enterprise or business hoping to remain competitive across the digital divide. Whether you’re looking to upgrade outdated core IT systems to find better ways to protect and manage personal data of your customers or to develop cost-effective intelligent solutions to meet regulatory demands, you’ve come to the right place. viLogics is your single source of truth, and we’re ready to dive in to help you overcome the IT challenges coming between your business and your digital future.

State And Local Government

Some of the most impactful markets are state and local government. They suffer from the exact same amount of issues and struggles as any other corporation, without the same budget. At viLogics, we have helped realign business to help deliver top notch IT solutions on a cost effective budget.

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Retailers today must engage and convert customers across digital channels and brick and mortar locations while always thinking about ways to create better experiences. We help them build and optimize the IT infrastructure—in the cloud and on-premises—to enable that continuous evolution.

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Non-profit organizations have a mission. Technology should enable that mission, not be a distraction. viLogics helps non-profits modernize and simplify IT while staying conscious of tight budgets and limited staff resources.

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Higher Education

Technology expectations are higher than ever for universities. Students and even faculty now take it for granted that fast, reliable services for work and play will be ubiquitous. viLogics helps higher learning institutions modernize the campus for a digital generation.

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Financial Services

Mobility and the cloud have dramatically shaken up the financial services industry over the last decade. viLogics helps banks and other financial organizations modernize IT infrastructure to transform services and stay competitive while staying compliant and secure.

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From eDiscovery to data protection in the cloud, law firms are modernizing traditional business practices for a digital era. viLogics helps organizations in the legal sector make this transition while protecting the integrity of their practice and adhering to a growing number of industry regulations

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Manufacturers are looking more like tech companies every day. Whether it’s factory floor automation, smart supply chains, or AI-powered maintenance, manufacturing enterprises trust viLogics for cloud and data solutions built for them.

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From disaster recovery to the Internet of Things, energy-sector IT teams face wide-ranging challenges in an industry that demands reliability, security, and scale. viLogics lends support with secure cloud and data solutions—empowering those that bring power to the masses.

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Advances in IT are allowing healthcare organizations to improve the entire care experience, from the emergency room to electronic health records and everything between. viLogics helps hospital systems build the IT foundation for modern care while taking care of patient data wherever it lives.

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The TSO2 Fortress keeps destructive cybersecurity enemies out of your IT network and infrastructure.

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